Targeted Antimicrobial Therapy and Correcting Microbial Dysbiosis

A disrupted or imbalanced microbial ecology due to disease or broad-spectrum antibiotic use can result in negative clinical consequences and prolonged debilitating infections. Recent understandings of the human microbiome have illustrated the importance of a healthy and balanced microbial ecosystem and the link to improvements in human disease outcomes and disease risk.

Specifically Targeted Antimicrobial Peptides, or STAMPs, are designed by first identifying targeting domains in bacterial genomes using genomic mining techniques. An antimicrobial peptide is then linked to the targeting domain allowing us to specifically direct the antimicrobial activity to a pathogen or group of pathogens of choice within a microbial community.

The proprietary platform technology allows the STAMP to effectively reengineer the microbiota by selectively killing the targeted pathogen while sparing the remaining healthy microorganisms within the indigenous microflora. This targeted approach represents an enormous improvement over broad-spectrum antibiotics that indiscriminately kill both beneficial and pathogenic bacteria. Treatment with STAMPs results in biofilm communities that remain intact and “healthier” after treatment, and serve as a barrier to prevent reinfection.

Since C3J Therapeutics’ STAMP technology facilitates selective targeting of pathogens, the technology is well suited to treat microbial infections in areas that harbor complex microbial communities (e.g. gastrointestinal, urogenital, and respiratory tracts, and the surface areas of the mouth, ears, nose, and sinuses). These mucosal surfaces contain bacterial communities that play important roles in human health, such as processing nutrients, preventing colonization by pathogens, or stimulating the immune system.