Specifically Targeted Antimicrobial Peptides, or STAMPs, are designed by first identifying targeting domains in bacterial genomes using genomic mining techniques. An antimicrobial peptide is then linked to the targeting domain allowing us to specifically direct the antimicrobial activity to a pathogen or group of pathogens of choice within a microbial community.

Synthetic phage enables┬áthe engineering of phage with specific attributes that convert nature’s natural predators into highly efficient pharmaceutical products to combat the emerging multi-drug resistance. Engineering improves natural phage antimicrobial activity by broadening host range, preventing resistance and improving efficacy through the expression of beneficial payloads such as biofilm degrading enzymes and antimicrobial peptides.

These two synergistic platforms enable C3J to approach the discovery and development of novel targeted antimicrobials through mining and exploiting the potential within both bacterial and phage genomes.