Phage Process

Phage Discovery and Phenotyping

C3J scientists actively hunt phage from a variety of natural habitats and clinical samples. Our large library of multi-drug resistant pathogens (e.g. ESKAPE pathogens) and microbiome targets aids in identification of the optimal phage chassis for downstream engineering.

Bioinformatics Powers Engineering

In partnership with Synthetic Genomics, C3J employs next-generation sequencing, and proprietary sequencing database and software for analysis of our phage.

Engineering Phage to Confer Desirable Properties

C3J’s team of molecular biologists engineer desirable phenotypes to phage that enable wide host range, payload expression, biofilm degradation, resistance prevention, and bioactive peptide display.

Formulation and GMP Production

Rounding out C3J’s bench to clinic capabilities, our 35,000 sq.ft. facility is equipped with GMP manufacturing suites enabling phage production, purification, and product release.