S. mutans Phage for Dental Caries

As we advance our medical pipeline of synthetic phage, we also have a program that applies our synthetic phage platform to Streptococcus mutans.  An engineered S. mutans phage product offers key attributes such the ability to penetrate the oral biofilm.  Additionally, we have several candidates for engineered payload, including STAMPs. Due to the infective mode of action of phage, it has the potential to eliminate S. mutans from the pathological niche. Given C3J’s extensive experience with S. mutans, and the clinical expertise and infrastructure at our disposal, we believe a synthetic phage would offer a valuable treatment and prevention option for millions of children, adolescents and adults worldwide.


The field of bacteriophage for oral pathogens is underdeveloped.  C3J has active efforts to identify oral pathogen phage and has executed collaborative agreements related to specific S. mutans bacteriophage.  We are interested in additional collaborations with scientific leaders who are pioneering phage hunting for oral pathogens.