STAMPs (Specifically Targeted Antimicrobial Peptides) allow re-engineering of the human microbiome by selectively eliminating Keystone pathogens that drive microbial dysbiosis; healthy flora are preserved offering long-term protection from recolonization.

Using an innovative, proprietary synthetic bacteriophage platform, C3J engineers phage – nature’s natural bacterial predators – to be more efficient killers, converting them into life-saving pharmaceuticals, and transforming medicine with a portfolio of phage displacing common antibiotics. Engineering improves natural phage antimicrobial activity by broadening host range, preventing resistance and expressing beneficial payloads such as biofilm-degrading enzymes and antimicrobial peptides.

Synthetic phage and STAMPs offer some exciting prospects and synergies, including engineering phage with a STAMP payload. The two platforms enable C3J to approach the discovery and development of novel targeted antimicrobials through mining and exploiting the potential within both bacterial and phage genomes.